The World’s Best Sundeck Coating

Our exclusive trowel applied, eco-friendly liquid decking system provides you with a luxurious finish (either textured stone or standard colour) at  a competitive rate.

Flexstone will last a lifetime. It is virtually indestructible and was originally designed for ski-resort patios, ship decks, and vehicle parkades. Flexstone is strong enough to withstand harsh Canadian winters and heavy foot and vehicle traffic.


  • Other Urethanes have dangerous solvents and nasty fumes. These urethanes go on thin and have a very limited lifespan. Flexstone goes on thick, has no harsh smells, and self-levels for an even finish, even over rough surfaces.
  • Vinyl decking is glued down and shows unattractive seams – which are often theroot causes for leakage. Flexstone is completely seamless and can even be thickened with silica sand or fine powdered rubber to go up walls, raise low spots (minimizing pooling), and fill in gaps.
  • Fibreglass decking has no flexibility, so the natural swelling and shifting of your sundeck will create cracks which eventually turn into leaks. Flexstone is applicable directly over old fibreglass and will maintain its flexibility for decades.
  • Flexstone Coatings are water catalyzed. Just add water and mix to get Flexstone to cure evenly and thicker than the competition. Because there are no solvents or nasty chemicals, Flexstone is entirely Eco-Friendly
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