Drytech was originally founded as a construction/renovation company over 20 years ago and continues to offer a range of premium construction, roofing, and waterproofing products and services in Vancouver, BC.  Drytech has built a strong reputation across the lower mainland as waterproofing and construction specialists and a premium one-stop-shop for all your sundeck and roofing needs.

Today, in addition to the aforementioned services, Drytech develops and distributes innovative and high-quality Eco-Friendly Waterproofing Systems catered to Vancouver weather (winterproof, waterproof, and extremely rugged) that we proudly distribute to dealers all across Canada.



flexstone (30+ Year Life) Flexstone Coatings are lifetime solvent-free Sun Deck coating systems developed using Tufflex Polymers (www.tufflex.ca). We offer a variety of stunning textured-stone finishes and solid colour finishes. Our exclusive system lasts a lifetime and looks fantastic (www.flex-stone.ca)
 flexscoat (25 – 30 yr life) A high-grade trowel-applied urethane waterproof membrane. Eco-Friendly Flexcoat membranes are designed for applications on flat roofs and roof decks and is also approved for use over existing membranes. Flexcoat’s ability to adhere to nearly any surface allows us to restore existing torch-on or vinyl roofs without tear-off or disposal. This helps to keep old roofing materials out of our landfills while simultaneously keeping your costs to a minimum.
flexroc (30+ Year Life) Flex-Roc cushioned safety decks provide a soft, seamless, and incredibly durable granulated rubber surface. With the ability to withstand heavy vehicular traffic (including snowplows and fork-lifts), Flex-Roc boasts endless applications for flooring and decking. We offer a variety of stunning textured stone-style finishes.